Foot notes in history

The Roth family has been at interesting times and done interesting things.
While we have gotten little credit for what we’ve contributed, we like to think of it ‘neat, cool and groovy, but didn’t make us a ton of money.

Note: I’m writing most of this off the top my head, so dates and names might not be quite right — I’ll correct as I can.

1948 – Great grampa Jules builds a flying saucer, Really
You can find it in the Smithsonian under the Flying Flapjack while working for Chance Vought — officially known as XF5U or V-173 
About seeing a flying saucer, look for 1947 here

1975/76 – Sharon works for Byte Shop in Palo Alto, and sells Apple I’s
She picks them up at Steve Jobs garage.

1991 – Rich works with Bob Young on the Linux bookshop ACC which eventually merges with Marc Ewing, to form Red Hat.

2009 – Issac starts Open Shift and develops a cloud platform.  Red Hat purchases the company in 2012, which leads to IBM purchasing Red Hat in 2018.