About the Roths

Too many cooks spoil the broth,
  but too many Roths
is just right

Welcome Avi


Happy Halloween


Mom’s latest Cow, Gertrude,
direct from Woody Jackson

Interesting Events



This is the family site of the Roths:

Sharon and Rich in Greenfield, MA

Serah and Avi in Nashua, NH
(kinda like not quite Boston)

Issac (and Angela) in San Francisco (Mission District)

Dateline: Sept 2012: latest news

  • Nieces Jackie and Missy Donlon are both mommies
  • Avi is 6 and day now
Dateline: Early 2010: And yes: some of this is fairly old and will be updated shortly

Latest Family news:

Nieces Jackie and Missy Donlon are now both High School Graduates,
see Jackie’s graduation events here (a steamed 10 Meg video)

Some of our activities:
   Sharon is a

teacher (professor to be precise)

at GCC

   SerahRose is an Actor
and has started a new theater company:
GAN-e-meed Theater Project

   And Angela and Issac is are now newly weds at:

and a few pics:
From Richard,

the 3rd wise man

Make your own copies:

At snapfish

   And Rich does all this


AND (Nov 24, 2003) Issue of Newsweek
Picked up a picture of Dad’s early work from the Smithsonian.

Yes, that Apple is in a box Dad made

The big news: Serah is a MOMMY – almost:

here is as of Aug 28

    Interesting picture sets

  1. Mom and Dad’s hooky Day in NYC
  2. Mom’s Birthday Fun
  3. Mom’s a Doctor

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