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Too many cooks spoil the broth,

  but too many Roths
is just right

Welcome Avi
Happy Halloween latest Cow, Gertrude,
direct from Woody Jackson”:/pics/2004_06_25/139-3903_img.2.jpg !tn_139-3903_img.gif!

This is the family site of the Roths:

  • Sharon and Rich in Greenfield, MA
  • Serah and Avi in Greenfield, MA – next door to Grama Shanni and Poppi (yeah us)
    (kinda like not quite Boston)
  • Issac (and Angela) in San Francisco (Mission District)
Dateling: Spring 2007: And yes: some of this is fairly old and will be updated shortly

Latest Family news:

Niece Jackie Donlon is now a High School Graduate,
see the events here (a steamed 10 Meg video)

Some of our activities:

   Sharon is a

teacher (professor to be precise)

at GCC

   SerahRose is an Actor

   And Angela and Issac is are now newly weds at:

and a few pics:
From Richard,

the 3rd wise man

Make your own copies:

At snapfish

   And Rich does all this


AND (Nov 24, 2003) Issue of Newsweek
Picked up a picture of Dad’s early work from the Smithsonian.

Yes, that Apple is in a box Dad made

The big news: Serah is a MOMMY – almost:

here is as of Aug 28

    Interesting picture sets

  1. Mom and Dad’s hooky Day in NYC

  2. Mom’s Birthday Fun
  3. Mom’s a Doctor

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